Clay Pigeon Shooting London

Activities like clay pigeon shooting seem to draw parties of people to the sport like no other, maybe it’s a class attraction or a working class versus upper class enjoyment but clay pigeon shooting attracts stag parties and hen parties as if the wedding was a secondary event.

Clay pigeon shooting in London, like most other areas of the UK, is a sought after activity for groups of people in the work place and friends alike. London has dozens of places where clay pigeon shooting is held and locations are accessible all year round.

Clay Pigeon Shooting London Locations

It’s a chance to do something that is mostly banned in society and fire a shotgun or sidearm at clay pigeons for a few hours before or after, heatily enjoying a feat of fine foods and pheasant and a glass of red wine in the company of colleagues and friends.

Clay Pigeon Shooting London Events


Clay Pigeon Shooting London Area And The UK


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