Clay Pigeons

If you’re from the inner cities you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about, clay coloured pigeons are everywhere, on buildings, on the street but these little old clay pigeons are especially made for shooting.

Clay pigeon targets are made from clay (pitch and chalk), they whizz through the sky ready for you to aim, lock on and fire your shotgun cartridges as the clay targets fly through the sky like a bird.

Clay Pigeons Targets – The Specifications

The clay pigeon targets that are used for clay pigeon shooting come in varying shapes and sizes, usually depending on the discipline in which they are used, trap and skeet for example, American or European.

The names of some of the clay pigeons are Alfred, Frank, Nigel… start again, the names of the clay pigeons used for clay pigeon shooting are; Standard, Midi, Mini, Battue and Rabbit, each having a different weight and action once released by the Automatic Clay Pigeon Throwers or Clay Pigeon Launchers.

Clay pigeon shooting is an international game and while separate institutions sprang up in the early years, there are now exacting sizes for the clay pigeons which are used as moving clay targets. For instance the standard clay pigeon, which is used the most, has to be 2.6 cm in height, weight 105 grams and be 11 cm in diameter, the midi is almost the same apart from requiring to be 9 cm is diameter.

How To Shoot Clay Pigeons

Disciplines each have their own rules and targets make the clay pigeon shooting game more difficult with different speeds and a different number of targets in play at the same time requiring you to focus on clay pigeons and shoot faster.

With this in mind, there are a few other clay pigeons target sizes. The Battue is a very slender clay target, 11 cms in diameter, very wafer thin and lightweight, a bit like the rabbit. There is also a clay pigeon named the ZZ and you guessed right, like its initial it zigzags and is more commonly made of plastic.

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport enjoyed by millions and is very accessible to all ages.both the Americans and English have different rules but both clay pigeon shooting disciplines are played oat an international level.

Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower and Clay Pigeon Launchers

While some clay pigeon shoots still use manual target throwers.most competitions require the use of timed and Automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower and Clay Pigeon Launchers to assist in clay pigeon release.