Shooting Vests

There are a variety of shooting vests available to purchase on the high street and online, shooting vests ensure comfort with added protection and are suitable for all weathers.

Choosing The Right Shooting Vests

With many manufacturers of shooting vests it can be difficult to make the correct choice, however with Beretta, Castellani, Musto, Perazzi and Schoffel the most vaunted, you can’t really go wrong.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying shooting vests is recoil, the punch you receive to the shoulder when firing a gun. Finding shooting vests with the best padding, and a shooting vest designed to absorb the most shock when impact is received, is vital.

Shooting Vests And Clay Shooting Clothing

Shooting vests come in a variety of styles and while some cater for both left and red handed in the same shooting vest, other shooting vests are available as right handed shooting vests and left handed shooting vests in the same style and design.

Shooting vests are usually lightweight, comfortable to wear, come with pockets for cartridges, elastic waists and mesh backing and if you shoot all year round, summer and winter shooting vests can either keep the cold our or keep you cool in the heat of summer but still offer the same impact protection and handy little cartridge pockets.

Buying Shooting Vests And Accessories Online

Buying shooting vests online is a simple process, compare shooting vest prices online from a range of manufacturers, from Beretta, Castellani, Musto, Perazzi to Schoffel, ensure left handed shooting vests or right handed and if the wrong fit, exchange by post.

Shooting vests can be bought online at around the £100 mark, Once you have invested in a shooting vest to cater for your clay pigeon shooting hobby to protect from recoil, shock and all weathers, you’ll find your sport much more enjoyable.