Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting down a clay pigeon or clay target from the skies above and breaking it apart with the force of a shotgun round. Either partaking as an individual for fun or as a team sport picking up points along the way to define a winner.

Why Clay Pigeon Shooting And Not Pigeon Shooting?

The sport used to be called live pigeon trap shooting, however that sport got banned in 1921 under the Captive Birds Shooting Prohibition Act of Parliament. This order was made for humanitarian reasons, much like today’s sport of clay fox shooting which doesn’t really work as well… the Inanimate Bird Shooting Association was born to provide a range of inanimate targets for shooting competitions.

Due to the concerns from the general public over the course of its 150 year history of live quarry and shooting live pigeons for sport, consternation grew so much that a different game ensued, that of clay pigeon shooting. Today’s game of clay pigeon shooting is an international sport, played at the Olympics and has associations worldwide.

The Present Day Clay Pigeon Shooting Game

Mush of the phrasing and rules have stuck during the transition from live pigeon trap shooting to clay pigeon shooting, like hit, trap and target but the ways to play the game, unlike other sports such as football have split into various groups over a one hundred year period.

Such disciplines as English Sporting, Olympic Trench, Down The Line, English Skeet, FITASC and Compak Sporting bring together as well as divide the international clay pigeon shooting community. Each game has its merits and provide for different team, individual and competitive levels, each with the same aim of using a shotgun to shoot down a clay target.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Days, Clubs And Associations

Clay pigeon shooting is more of a family affair these days with children to grand parents all joining in to shoot their fair share of clay targets down from the sky.

Clay pigeon shooting is such amazing fun that hundreds of thousands find the sport enthralling upon first try. Clay pigeon shooting experience days and days out enable the wider public to try their hand at the sport with friends and family.

Up and down the country from Surrey and London to Sheffield, clay pigeon shooting clubs welcome people loyal to the game as well as interested parties simply on a stag doo or hen party using a gift wrapped present of a clay pigeon shooting experience day. Take a look at our clay pigeon shooting clubs directory.

Live pigeon shooting hasn’t been entirely banned as the UK government issues licenses to individuals to enable them to * prevent the spread of disease and serious damage to crops and environments.

So if shooting live quarry is still your aim there are ways to still do so but as part of a a licensed and required service. Live pigeon trap shooting is consigned to history forever but clay pigeon shooting is serious entertainment.